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Ko-Ka Tsara Safaris: Plains game hunts in the Karoo and Orange River regions of South Africa. Contact Ralph Koster, +27-0-23-416-1666;


Omujeve Safaris: Plains game and dangerous-game hunts throughout Namibia. Contact Corne or Nic Kruger:


Tanzania Adventures: Luxury tented safaris in the traditional East African style for big-game and plains-game species in Tanzania. Contact Jack Brittingham, 903-677-2155:



Elk Valley Bighorn Outfitters: Wilderness horseback hunts for trophy elk, mountain goat, moose, bighorn sheep and grizzly in the beautiful Canadian Rockies. Contact Anna Fontana, 250-426-5789;


Prophet Muskwa: High-success hunts for Dall sheep, Stone sheep, elk, moose, and mountain goat in the majestic mountains of British Columbia and the Yukon. Contact Kevin Olmstead: 250-789-9494:



Backcountry Hunts: Private land hunts in New Mexico and Texas for mule deer, whitetail, pronghorn, elk, javelina, aoudad and more. Contact Steve Jones: 575-887-6178;


Canyon Rim Outfitters: It’s the most enjoyable, exciting, and fun hunt you’ll ever experience, hunting with hounds. Canyon Rim Outfitters offers the best in Colorado mountain lion hunts. Our hunts run from mid-November to the end of March. A typical day starts very early in the morning looking for tracks. When the hounds are released on the track, the hunt is on! We will go through rugged terrain, following the hounds to where they have the lion treed or bayed up. This hunt is a rush! Contact Scott Summers: 970-876-5522;

Non-typical Outfitters: Wilderness hunts for trophy mule deer, elk, and pronghorn in western Wyoming. Contact Robert R. Wiley: 307-654-0000:


Trophy Ridge Outfitters: Family-owned outfitter in northeastern Wyoming offering private-land hunts for deer, pronghorn, turkey, elk, and more. Contact Ralph Dampman: 307-756-9776;

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