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The Friedkin Family and Tanzania’s government make a long-term commitment to conservation.


by Robert Parvin Williams

The hunting news from Africa is often troubling these days: dwindling game, rampant poaching and corruption, massive habitat encroachment. But this article is about some good news for a change. At the center of the story is an American safari company with a history of conservation leadership that is doing remarkable things in Tanzania.


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Once a cattle region, now a hunting mecca, Zimbabwe’s Bubye Valley Conservancy shows how hunting can help both humans and wildlife to flourish.

by Brad Fitzpatrick


The West's iconic gamebird staves off an ESA listing... for now.


by Diana Rupp


Turning over federal lands to the states would be a huge blow to hunting and the funding that supports wildlife conservation.

By Diana Rupp

Wouldn’t you love to own several hundred million acres of game-rich mountains, forests, and plains, crisscrossed with trout-streams and always open for you to hunt, hike, camp, or ride on? Guess what—you already do. You, I, and every other citizen of this great country own 640 million acres of some of the most incredible wildlife habitat in the entire world. I bet you’ve hunted on some of it, since 72 percent of sportsmen who hunt in the West hunt on public lands. I’m one of them—I killed a cinnamon-phase black bear and my first elk on national forest land in western Montana, and I’ve been fortunate to hunt in many other national forests over the years.


Taxidermist, publisher, and marketing genius, Rowland Ward turned mounted animals into a fashionable sensation during the Victorian Age.

by Diana Rupp

Hunters today know the name Rowland Ward mostly because of the record book that bears his name. But Rowland Ward was a fascinating character in his own right. An expert taxidermist (though he preferred to refer to himself as a “naturalist”), Ward was also a savvy businessman and marketing genius who became the most well-known taxidermist of his day, with a shop in London called “The Jungle” that became an almost mandatory stop for any hunter traveling through London on the way to Africa or India. His publishing empire, which he started in part to help market his taxidermy business, has lasted for more than a century.


Wildlife managers try to keep wild sheep healthy by keeping them away from their domestic cousins.

by Diana Rupp

Hunters who may have thought they would never have the opportunity to hunt bighorn sheep were given an incredible opportunity this year. Montana’s Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks opened up hunting on a small herd of wild bighorns in southwest Montana’s Tendoy Mountains. The catch? They wanted hunters to kill all of the sheep in the herd—every single one, including rams, ewes, and lambs.

The herd has been chronically plagued with respiratory disease, and the agency decided that the only recourse was to eliminate all of the infected animals and start over. Once the chronically ill sheep have been eliminated, the department plans to bring in about fifty new, disease-free sheep to restock the area.


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2017 marks Sports Afield’s 130th anniversary, and to commemorate the occasion, Safari Press has released a special 360-page hardcover book: Celebrating 130 Years of Sports Afield: 1887-2017. The book is the first complete history of the magazine, divided into ten-year periods, with a discussion of each decade followed by a treasure trove of cover images and selected stories from each decade. For many years, each issue featured a painting on its cover specifically commissioned for the magazine, and this book features more than 400 of these eye-popping covers, all digitally restored to their original vibrant colors.

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