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A pair of the greatest elephant-hunting books ever published are now back in print.

Safari Press recently reprinted two of the great elephant-hunting classics of the post-World War II era. These extraordinary books, Kambaku by Harry Manners and Bell of Africa by W.D.M. Bell, are autobiographical tales of two of the most adventurous hunters who ever walked the elephant trails of the Dark Continent.

Kambaku is the life story of Harry Manners, one of the greatest elephant hunters of all time. Harry was born in South Africa, and his family moved to Portugese East Africa, now Mozambique, when he was six. Harry shot his first elephant when still a teenager, using a 10.75mm Mauser. The bull had tusks of more than 80 pounds per side, and Harry was hooked.


What to bring on your African adventure

By Craig Boddington

I do an awful lot of packing and unpacking, and I don’t take much time doing either.  But even after thirty years and sixty-odd African hunts I still get a special thrill when I pack my safari gear.  So although I don’t spend as much time as I once did in actual packing and repacking, I spend quite a lot of time thinking about the gear I’m going to take.  This is part of the anticipation, just like a ritual rereading of classics like Horn of the Hunter and Green Hills of Africa—and studying the appropriate country sections in Safari Guide II.


Argentina dove hunting is the ultimate wingshooting experience.

By John M. Taylor

As the rising sun balanced on the horizon, they came in waves . . . in torrents; doves hurtling toward the millions of sunflowers looking for breakfast. Thumbing shells into the already hot Beretta semiauto, I soon gave up loading the magazine and shoved in only single rounds as frantically as one of Custer’s cavalrymen.


Sports Afield's partnership with Dallas Safari Club benefits conservation and hunting worldwide.

Wildlife conservation, education, and ethical hunting all benefit from a strong partnership between Sports Afield, the premier big game hunting adventure magazine, and Dallas Safari Club, a premier international hunting organization.

As of January 2009, DSC’s annual convention in Dallas, Texas, was renamed Dallas Safari Club with Sports Afield Presents the Convention & Hunting Expo. Already one of the world’s greatest international hunting conventions with more than 1,000 exhibits, the Dallas show is growing exponentially as a result of the combined marketing efforts of both groups.


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Editor in chief Diana Rupp grew up in the deer woods of northern Pennsylvania and has been hunting since she was twelve years old. She has worked for outdoor publications for eighteen years, and her travels in pursuit of big game have taken her throughout North America as well as to Africa and Europe.

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Editor, hunter, and conservationist, Grinnell made it his life's work to save the American bison.

by Diana Rupp

The life of George Bird Grinnell is an inspiring story of how one person can truly make a difference, even to the point of saving an entire species from extinction. Not only was he a driving force in wildlife conservation, Grinnell lived a life of high adventure, was an avid big-game hunter, and shared campfires with some of the most famous characters of the Old West.


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Dr. Kevin "Doctari" Robertson answers your questions about practical ballistics, shot placement for African game, and more. Fair warning: Doctari's answers are honest ones based on his considerable experience in the field guiding safari clients. They're not always "politically correct!"

About Dr. Kevin Robertson: Dr. Kevin "Doctari" Robertson is the author of the runaway bestseller on African game shot placement, The Perfect Shot, as well as a new book on the African buffalo, Africa's Most Dangerous. He is a wildlife veterinarian and licensed professional hunter in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

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