Editor, hunter, and conservationist, Grinnell made it his life's work to save the American bison.

by Diana Rupp

The life of George Bird Grinnell is an inspiring story of how one person can truly make a difference, even to the point of saving an entire species from extinction. Not only was he a driving force in wildlife conservation, Grinnell lived a life of high adventure, was an avid big-game hunter, and shared campfires with some of the most famous characters of the Old West.


Hunting Super Exotics Conserves Rare Big Game

By Matthew L. Miller

If the last Eld’s deer disappears from the forest, will anyone notice?
The answer, as is so often the case, is this: Hunters will. And they’ll do something about it.

Eld’s deer had disappeared from the forests and plains of Thailand, where they are the national animal. Poaching and habitat loss had decimated them, and none were believed to have survived. Of course, most people didn’t notice, because most people don’t even know what an Eld’s deer is.

Serious trophy hunters know. They know that the Eld’s deer is a striking animal, with antlers shaped like a streamlined caribou rack. A hunter wanting an Eld’s deer today must go to a Texas game ranch, the only place on earth where these very rare animals can be pursued.

If shooting one of the world’s rarest deer seems irresponsible, consider this: If Texas game ranches quit allowing Eld’s deer hunting, the animals would find themselves in far worse trouble.


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