The Friedkin Family and Tanzania’s government make a long-term commitment to conservation.


by Robert Parvin Williams

The hunting news from Africa is often troubling these days: dwindling game, rampant poaching and corruption, massive habitat encroachment. But this article is about some good news for a change. At the center of the story is an American safari company with a history of conservation leadership that is doing remarkable things in Tanzania.


By Diana Rupp

When I returned from a seven-day buffalo safari in Tanzania last September, friends who were planning their own safari asked what I'd learned on the trip. Here are a few of the tips I shared with them.


This year in Tanzania, three professional hunters were charged by three different elephants. Only one survived to tell the tale.

By Cameron Hopkins

The dust of controversy has forever swirled around which of the Big Five is the most dangerous. The most universally accepted answer is, "It depends." The vagaries of circumstances include whether the animal is wounded or unwounded, provoked or unprovoked, surprised or alert, mating or alone, with calves or cubs, and a host of other variables. The terrain is always a consideration too.

Regardless of your personal "worst," the 2009 hunting season in Tanzania leaves no room for argument- the elephant wins hands-down. Or should I say, man-down.


An unforgettable safari in Tanzania's Rungwa region.

by Diana Rupp

Professional hunter Peter Barnard looked through his binocular with the intensity of a mariner spotting land after a months-long voyage. “Do you see him, Diana? Do you see the bull I’m talking about?”

“Can’t miss him,” I replied as calmly as I could. The Cape buffalo stood on the end of a long line of buffalo in an open area of long yellow grass, and it was like no buffalo I’d yet seen. Its horns swept far out beyond its ears, dipped down in sweeping curls, and curved back up again, ending in gleaming black points. Its bosses, though not large, were broad and solid all the way across. It was a mature bull, beyond a doubt.