Sometimes the hunt you didn't plan to do turns out to be the best one of all.

By Craig Boddington

The fire was bright and it burned long into the night. We were hunting on the edge of Etosha National Park; at dusk Donna had shot a fine leopard, and we were celebrating properly when one of the landowners rolled in and joined us. He had just come from the game department, and he had in his hands two rare permits for problem lions. We'd been there long enough to see lots of lion tracks, and also to see how spooky the animals were. There were plenty of lions around, certainly enough to constitute a problem!

Because of its nomadic nature, the giant forest hog will most often be encountered while hunting something else. This is a good example of an animal that should be taken if you see one no matter what else you're doing!

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Women are the fastest-growing demographic in the hunting world

More women than men took up hunting last year, according to new data from the National Sporting Goods Association. While total hunters in the USA decreased slightly (.05 percent) between 2008 and 2009, the number of female hunters increased by 5.4 percent, netting 163,000 new participants. Growth areas for women included muzzleloading (up 134.6 percent), bowhunting (up 30.7 percent), and hunting with firearms (up 3.5 percent).

Data also show women outpaced men among net newcomers to target shooting with a rifle, where female participation grew by 4.1 percent.


The Carry-on Bag

Do you pack your carry-on bag as if it will be all you have?

By Craig Boddington

The chopper set us down on a sloping ridge at a little more than 10,000 feet elevation. This was the end of the line, and the nearest blue sheep was still about three days of uphill walking away. The Nepalese villagers gathered around and gave us the traditional welcome, garlands of flowers, silk kerchief, and red forehead marking. Caught up in the moment, I let slip a fairly important detail… as, apparently, did everyone else.

Our charter helicopter was right about here when, belatedly, it occurred to me I’d better take a quick look at make sure all of my gear was accounted for.