Dall Sheep

These magnificent mountains in southern Alaska are a sheep-hunter’s mecca.

by Ron Spomer

The state of Alaska is larger than many countries. You’d need a fat book, if not a small library, to describe all of its lands and many hunting opportunities.

Let’s limit our exploration to just one small corner of The Great Land, the Chugach Mountain Range, which covers an area “only” 300 miles long by 100 miles wide, running west to east from Anchorage to the Canada border. That’s roughly 30,000 square miles of floor space and considerably more if you add the vertical terrain—and most of the terrain is vertical.


One last chance for a trophy Dall sheep on a lonely peak in Canada's Yukon.

by Diana Rupp

I had taken only a half-dozen cautious steps down the ravine when I realized it was a lot steeper than it looked. The loose rocks were the real problem; they rolled under my feet with each step. I also had to balance the new weight in my pack. The fresh, boned-out meat felt warm against the small of my back, and adrenaline still coursed through my bloodstream.