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Not Just Black and White

Africa has several types of zebras, each of a different stripe.

The Not-so-Common Eland

Africa's biggest antelope is challenging to hunt and delicious on the dinner table.

The Magnificent Mountain Caribou

Where and when to hunt these big-antlered bulls of the high country.

One Ton of Black Fury

Does a Cape buffalo really weigh 2,000 pounds?

The Deer of Summer

The axis is the most beautiful, and possibly the most delicious, deer in the world.

In a While, Crocodile

The world's crocodilians have always been a source of fascination and fear.

Want to Hunt a Red Stag?

These magnificent deer are found in many parts of the world.

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A New Adventure

A hunt in Wyoming with a first-time antelope hunter.
Helping to pass on the hunting tradition makes the experience even better.

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“Woman’s Work”

Martha Maxwell was America’s first female taxidermist.
She was also a big-game hunter and expert naturalist.

– By

First Deer of the Year

California’s Central Coast has some of the earliest deer hunting in the country.
Deer season in August?

– By

Clearing the Way for Wildlife

Creating corridors that allow wildlife to move is good for our game populations.
And it’s good for people, too.

– By

Great Museum Taxidermy Collections

Four museums where you can still see impressive taxidermy displays.

Some museums still have a treasure trove of mounts.

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Backcountry Necessities

When hunting in a wilderness setting, it pays to be prepared.

Don’t head afield without these crucial items.

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Eighty-five Years of Pittman-Robertson

Hunters and shooters have funded conservation since 1937.

No other group has done more for wildlife.

– By

The Lost Art of Stalking

Getting as close as possible to your quarry is the ultimate challenge.

Here are some tips for successfully closing the distance.

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Croc Attack!

Crocodiles inspire both fascination and fear.

No one knows how many humans fall prey to crocodiles every year.

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