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Caribou of the Colville Country

Hunting in one of the most remote places on Earth.

The Elephant in Africa

An in-depth look at the complex realities of managing elephant populations in today's Africa.

Birds of the Borderlands

Hunting the little-known Gould's turkey in northern Mexico.

Marble Mines and Mountain Zebras

In search of a striped stallion in the arid highlands of Namibia.

No Guarantees

On a real hunt, the outcome is never assured.

The Toughest Bird

Which upland game bird is the hardest to hunt... and to hit?

More Stories

Colorado’s Wild Cats: Facts vs. Fiction

Anti-hunting groups are out to ban hunting of lions and bobcats in Colorado.
Here’s a closer look at the claims made by supporters of the proposed ban.

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Meat, Mounts, and Management

We may hang a head on our wall, but that does not mean we left the meat behind.
Trophy hunting does not mean what many people think it means.

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Helping People, Helping Wildlife

The Rowland Ward Foundation conserves wildlife by helping people.
When communities that live with wildlife benefit from it, they help protect it.

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Happiness in the High Pamirs

A hunter celebrates his birthday with a very special ibex hunt.
His experience is enriched by the vibrant culture of a high mountain village.

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A Precious Resource

Funding and support from hunters is crucial to rhino conservation.
A glimpse into the important and dangerous work of safeguarding these magnificent animals.

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The Beavers that Ate Massachusetts

…and other cautionary tales of ballot-box biology.
Wildlife management and hunting are undermined by emotional campaigns.

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Lumpers and Splitters

Two schools of thought in the world of taxonomy (and record books).
The number of subspecies of a given animal depends on which source you believe.

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The Pangolin Project

The hunting community extends a helping hand to a unique creature.
The pangolin is one of the world’s most trafficked animals.

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A New Adventure

A hunt in Wyoming with a first-time antelope hunter.
Helping to pass on the hunting tradition makes the experience even better.

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