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No Guarantees

On a real hunt, the outcome is never assured.

The Toughest Bird

Which upland game bird is the hardest to hunt... and to hit?

Not Just Black and White

Africa has several types of zebras, each of a different stripe.

The Not-so-Common Eland

Africa's biggest antelope is challenging to hunt and delicious on the dinner table.

The Magnificent Mountain Caribou

Where and when to hunt these big-antlered bulls of the high country.

In a While, Crocodile

The world's crocodilians have always been a source of fascination and fear.

More Stories

The Pangolin Project

The hunting community extends a helping hand to a unique creature.
The pangolin is one of the world’s most trafficked animals.

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A New Adventure

A hunt in Wyoming with a first-time antelope hunter.
Helping to pass on the hunting tradition makes the experience even better.

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“Woman’s Work”

Martha Maxwell was America’s first female taxidermist.
She was also a big-game hunter and expert naturalist.

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First Deer of the Year

California’s Central Coast has some of the earliest deer hunting in the country.
Deer season in August?

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Clearing the Way for Wildlife

Creating corridors that allow wildlife to move is good for our game populations.
And it’s good for people, too.

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Great Museum Taxidermy Collections

Four museums where you can still see impressive taxidermy displays.

Some museums still have a treasure trove of mounts.

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Backcountry Necessities

When hunting in a wilderness setting, it pays to be prepared.

Don’t head afield without these crucial items.

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Eighty-five Years of Pittman-Robertson

Hunters and shooters have funded conservation since 1937.

No other group has done more for wildlife.

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The Lost Art of Stalking

Getting as close as possible to your quarry is the ultimate challenge.

Here are some tips for successfully closing the distance.

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