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It's the world's most versatile big-game caliber.

Spring Bear Hunting

Black bear hunts are affordable, widely available, and typically successful.

Caribou of the Colville Country

Hunting in one of the most remote places on Earth.

The Elephant in Africa

An in-depth look at the complex realities of managing elephant populations in today's Africa.

Birds of the Borderlands

Hunting the little-known Gould's turkey in northern Mexico.

Marble Mines and Mountain Zebras

In search of a striped stallion in the arid highlands of Namibia.

The Toughest Bird

Which upland game bird is the hardest to hunt... and to hit?

More Stories

Colorado’s Wild Cats: Facts vs. Fiction

Anti-hunting groups are out to ban hunting of lions and bobcats in Colorado.
Here’s a closer look at the claims made by supporters of the proposed ban.

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Meat, Mounts, and Management

We may hang a head on our wall, but that does not mean we left the meat behind.
Trophy hunting does not mean what many people think it means.

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Helping People, Helping Wildlife

The Rowland Ward Foundation conserves wildlife by helping people.
When communities that live with wildlife benefit from it, they help protect it.

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Happiness in the High Pamirs

A hunter celebrates his birthday with a very special ibex hunt.
His experience is enriched by the vibrant culture of a high mountain village.

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A Precious Resource

Funding and support from hunters is crucial to rhino conservation.
A glimpse into the important and dangerous work of safeguarding these magnificent animals.

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The Beavers that Ate Massachusetts

…and other cautionary tales of ballot-box biology.
Wildlife management and hunting are undermined by emotional campaigns.

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Lumpers and Splitters

Two schools of thought in the world of taxonomy (and record books).
The number of subspecies of a given animal depends on which source you believe.

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The Pangolin Project

The hunting community extends a helping hand to a unique creature.
The pangolin is one of the world’s most trafficked animals.

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A New Adventure

A hunt in Wyoming with a first-time antelope hunter.
Helping to pass on the hunting tradition makes the experience even better.

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