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Africa’s Greatest Tuskers

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Africa’s Greatest Tuskers is a new book by Tony Sanchez-Arino that does what no single volume has ever attempted: It lists every known elephant ever taken with at least one tusk of 130 pounds or more and tells the stories of who hunted these elephants, who owns the tusks, or how they were found.

Three years of meticulous research went into the unearthing of these stories; the author utilized information from libraries, museums, professional hunting organizations, and private collections. The book includes dozens of elephants not listed in the record books, together with a treasure trove of photos of enormous elephants and huge tusks that had been lost or forgotten in the mists of time.

Some of the never-before-seen tusks featured in this book include a set weighing 174×173 pounds that is the largest ever to come out of the Central African Republic; a set of 161×155 pound tusks shot by Elsa Talayero in South Sudan, which is the largest elephant ever shot by a woman; and a set of 160-pound tusks discovered in a private collection in the United Kingdom.

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