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Cape Buffalo Targets

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Life-size (and smaller) targets to help you get ready for your Cape buffalo safari.

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If you’re planning to take on dangerous game in Africa, it’s very important to practice with your big-bore rifle under the most realistic conditions possible. With this life-size buffalo target, you can set up a training regimen that’s as realistic as it gets. You’ll need the right range setup, but if you have a place for it, this target is the ideal way to get realistic shooting practice with your dangerous-game rifle at the same distances you’ll be shooting at buffalo on your safari. The target is 5 feet high and 8 feet long, and is printed on lightweight, weather-resistant, corrugated plastic board that folds up into five sections.

It comes with two metal posts that press into the ground to hold the target up, as well as eight plastic clips and two bungee cords that hold it upright. The system works reasonably well if there’s not a lot of wind, but if you can attach it to a sturdy plywood or particleboard backing at your range, so much the better.

Once you’ve got the target set up, which takes only a couple of minutes, you can take shots from field positions, including off sticks, standing, kneeling, and sitting. This will give you an excellent idea of what an animal this size will look like in your sights once you are confronted with the real thing.

The target comes with three self-adhesive “shoulder patches” that allow you to replace the target’s heart-lung area once it’s been shot at a number of times, thus extending the life of the target.

2×3 foot “Perfect Shot” buffalo target.

If your range setup doesn’t allow for a large, freestanding target, Safari Press offers several other buffalo targets that are almost as useful for realistic rifle practice. Standard “Perfect Shot” buffalo targets (2×3 feet) can be stapled to any standard target backing and offer a “ghost view” of the animals internal organs on the back, so you can see exactly where your shot would have gone. A life-size version of this paper target, which comes in six pieces, requires a sturdy plywood background for mounting, and also has a ghost-view backing.

The back of the “Perfect Shot” target helps you see exactly where in the vitals your shot landed.

The life-size freestanding buffalo target is $100 plus shipping; standard Perfect Shot buffalo targets are $9.95 for a pack of five; and the six-piece life-size Perfect Shot target is $39.95. All are available from Safari Press.


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