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Deadly Encounters

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A new book by Craig Boddington shares the stories of people who have been on the receiving end of animal attacks.

Incidents of hunters, trackers, professional hunters, and innocent bystanders getting injured or killed by dangerous game animals crop up every year, and the trend toward hunters becoming the hunted seems to be on the increase.

Bears, both in Asia and North America, still take bites out of humans on a regular basis. In Africa, hardly a year goes by when at least one PH, tracker, or hunter gets killed by a Cape buffalo. Leopards have always been plentiful in Africa and are no less dangerous now than they were thirty years ago. Hippos and crocodiles may take the largest toll of all, so it pays to be cautious whenever you approach an African river.

In his new book, Deadly Encounters, Craig Boddington does a masterful job of unearthing the facts and sometimes gory details of what happens when a creature with sharp teeth, claws, and colossal strength decides to close in on a human. His stories include everything from attacks by wild lions to bears stalking and preying hikers. Boddington discusses and dissects the incidents to explain what went wrong and why.

Order Deadly Encounters from Safari Press: A portion of the sales of each book will go to the DSC Frontline Foundation. DSC Frontline Foundation provides financial relief to trackers, PHs, camp staff, and their families who are killed or injured in the course of providing professional hunting services.


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