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The Renaissance of Hunting the African Elephant

Craig Boddington’s hotly anticipated new book on the African elephant is out, and not surprisingly, it’s an excellent read. While there has been plenty written about elephant hunting in the glory days of the early twentieth century, there are few books out that tell the real story of hunting the big tuskers today.

Boddington, who has been hunting elephants (and plenty of other game) all across Africa for twenty-five years, gives the reader detailed information on how elephants are hunted, including tracking, approaching, and judging ivory. Detailed chapters on elephant rifles and cartridges, as well as bullet performance and penetration and an illustrated discussion of shot placement are included. There are chapters on each of the major countries in which elephants are hunted: Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. The entire book is laced with beautiful full-color photos that capture the magnificence of elephants and elephant country.

Elephant!, however, is more than just an instructional resource. Boddington talks about the history and heritage of elephant hunting on the continent, tells stories of some of his most exciting elephant hunts, and takes a honest look at what the future might hold. This is valuable and fascinating insight from one of the most knowledgeable hunting writers of our time.

Limited edition of 1,000 numbered, signed, and slipcased copies. $100 from Safari Press: 800/451-4788.

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