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Giant Rams of Montana, Vol. 1

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New book by Montana hunter celebrates the impressive bighorn sheep of Big Sky Country.

Anyone who is fascinated by bighorn sheep, and especially big rams, will be intrigued by this fascinating new book by Butte, Montana, author John “Timmer” Reeves. Giant Rams of Montana, Vol. 1, is a 272-page softcover book containing a collection of stories and full-color photos of the largest bighorns ever taken in Montana.

The book begins with the story of the new world record bighorn ram, found dead on Wild Horse Island and certified as a record in 2018. The rest of the book is a wonderful collection of first-person hunting stories, told by the successful sheep hunters themselves, with impressive color photos of each ram. Included are 16 rams with scores over 200 B&C, 14 rams scoring between 180 and 190 B&C, and 8 rams scoring over 180 B&C.

Later chapters include stories of other sheep hunts that may not have resulted in rams scoring in the top echelons of the record books, but were nonetheless exciting and meaningful to the fortunate hunters. The last section of the book includes descriptions of Montana’s sheep hunting districts, a listing of the top Montana rams from the B&C record book as of 2018, and information on the Wild Sheep Foundation and the Montana Wild Sheep Foundation.

Montana really is the Land of Giant Rams, and Giant Rams of Montana, Vol. 1, is a must-have addition to any sheep aficionado’s library.


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