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Rowland Ward and Northern Cape Professional Hunting School launch measuring classes in South Africa.

Photo above: Students at the Northern Cape Professional Hunting School.

Potential professional hunters in South Africa will now have the opportunity to learn the skills required to become official measurers for Rowland Ward on their way to becoming accredited professional hunters.

The new measuring classes are the result of a partnership between Rowland Ward Ltd. of Huntington Beach, California, and the Northern Cape Professional Hunting School (NCPHS) of Vanderkloof, NC, South Africa. NCPHS, established in 2011, is a training school for aspiring professional hunters. Its in-depth 7-month courses graduate up to 24 students per year; a separate 12-day PH course graduates up to 50 students per year. As part of its new curriculum, all PH students can now complete a course on how to measure game animals for entry in Rowland Ward’s Records of Big Game, and each student will have the chance to become an official measurer after successfully passing a test.

A separate Rowland Ward measuring course will also be available to students who are not enrolled in the PH training courses. Attendees will be taught how to accurately and correctly measure all indigenous African game animals as well as introduced species.

NCPHS proprietor Mynhard Herholdt said, “We are very pleased to enter into a partnership with Rowland Ward, which has the most prestigious big-game record book series in the world, and which is widely recognized as the standard for simplicity and fairness, as well as promoting sound conservation.”

Ludo Wurfbain, publisher of Rowland Ward Ltd., said, “We cannot think of a better partner to teach the Rowland Ward measuring system in South African than Northern Cape Professional Hunting School. Their courses are intense and widely recognized as top flight in African hunting circles. Rowland Ward requires accurate and reliable measurers to continue the integrity of its measurement tables, and NCPHS will deliver with some very in-depth courses.”

For more information on these courses, contact NCPHS at [email protected], or see Anyone interested in becoming a measurer for Rowland Ward in North or South America, Europe, or Asia should contact Carrie Zrelak at [email protected].


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