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Sports Afield and DSC Extend Agreement as Partners in Conservation

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Photo above: Sports Afield’s distinctive “hunting cabin” is a fixture at the entrance to the annual DSC convention.

Since 2009, wildlife conservation, education, and ethical hunting have been the beneficiaries of an ongoing partnership between Sports Afield, the premier big-game hunting adventure magazine, and DSC, a premier international conservation organization. A new five-year agreement, starting this year, will continue the partnership well into the next decade.

As a result of the agreement, Sports Afield will continue to be the title sponsor of DSC’s annual convention in Dallas, Texas. Over the past decade, the show has grown exponentially as a result of the combined marketing efforts of both groups.

“The growth of DSC’s convention over the years has been extremely impressive,” said Sports Afield publisher Ludo Wurfbain. “The DSC with Sports Afield Convention and Sporting Expo is the must-attend event for serious hunters as well as for every major player in the hunting industry. We are especially happy with DSC’s emphasis on fair chase and ethical hunting combined with the sound conservation projects they fund, and we are helping to push this message to a broader public.”

Sports Afield’s considerable reach helps bring national exposure to DSC and its important conservation and education programs. A special section in each issue of Sports Afield carries international hunting and conservation news from DSC staffers and volunteers who have their finger on the pulse of the most important developments in the hunting world.

“DSC is thrilled to continue our partnership with Sports Afield, the benchmark for sporting magazines,” said DSC Executive Director Corey Mason. “This partnership allows two great brands to align to further education about the beneficial role that legal, regulated hunting plays in the conservation of wildlife and wildlife habitat around the world.”

About Sports Afield : Sports Afield, the premier hunting adventure magazine, was founded in 1887. A high-end hunting and firearms magazine with an emphasis on North American and African big-game hunting and fine sporting firearms and equipment, it serves serious hunters who pursue big game around the world.

About DSC: DSC has become an international industry leader and innovator. An active and progressive organization for the uncompromising hunter, DSC’s mission is to ensure the conservation of wildlife through public engagement, education and advocacy for well-regulated hunting and sustainable use. Since forming in 1972, DSC has contributed millions of dollars to programs benefitting wildlife, habitat, people and the sporting community.

The DSC with Sports Afield annual convention in Dallas, Texas, is one of the premier outdoor and conservation events in the nation.

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