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Leica Geovid Pro 32 Review

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Leica’s latest bino is compact and packed with features.

The first thing you notice about Leica’s Geovid Pro 32 binocular is its size and weight. Or rather, the lack thereof. Most high-end rangefinding binoculars are somewhat large and heavy—understandably so because they are packed with all kinds of technology. The Geovid Pro 32 has the tech, but not the bulk. Weighing less than 2 pounds and only 6 inches long by 5 inches wide, it’s significantly smaller and lighter than any other rangefinding bino I’ve tried—and that’s a huge advantage for anyone schlepping a rifle and gear through the backcountry. Yet, it’s packed with high-tech features, including ballistics software and an onboard weather station, as well as an excellent rangefinder. 

This binocular looks a little different than most because Leica is using a new prism design called Perger-Porro prism that incorporates the best features of both roof prism and Porro-prism styles. The design allows for excellent light transmission in a more compact unit. It comes in both 10×32 and 8×32 models, and the slightly curved shape makes it super comfortable for extended periods of glassing.

The built-in rangefinder is fast and sure. While I didn’t test it all the way out to its advertised 2,500-yard limit, it easily and quickly gave me yardage info for everything I ranged at normal hunting distances. It also works great at very close ranges, so would be a great choice for bowhunting as well as rifle hunting in the wide-open terrain.

To get the full use out of these optics, you’ll need to add a couple of apps to your phone. Once you have the Leica Ballistics App downloaded, you’re all set to use the Applied Ballistics Ultralight software that is built into the binocular. You’ll need to input your rifle profile into the app, including muzzle velocity and zero range, and choose your bullet data from the Applied Ballistics library in the app. The app is user-friendly, so all this is easier than it sounds. 

Once you have all this in your app, just sync the bino with your phone via Bluetooth and the Geovid Pro 32 will store the information. Then, when you range a target, the bino will display the range, equivalent horizontal distance if your target is at an angle, and your elevation and windage corrections. (Once it’s synced, it works even if you don’t have cell service.) The bino even has its own weather sensors that measure temperature, air pressure, and humidity, and incorporates all this into its calculations. 

The ballistics software works for targets out to 875 yards. Hopefully that’s more than enough for any hunting application. If you’re a long-range target shooter, you can download upgraded software that will allow you to use the ballistic features out to longer ranges.

Another neat perk of the Geovid Pro 32 is a GPS tracking feature called Leica Pro Track. For this, I put the BaseMap app on my phone (the company says you can also use Google Maps or sync it with a Garmin device). Range a point in the distance, then drop a pin on the point you ranged, for example a deer stand, your vehicle, or the last known position of a big buck. Then you can use the dropped pin to help you navigate to that point. 

And don’t let all this technology distract you from simply using the Geovid Pro 32 as a binocular. It’s an excellent one, as you would expect from Leica. With a wide field of view, 32mm objectives, and HD lenses, it delivers high light transmission and image quality for spotting game even after twilight settles over your hunting area.

With all this capability, you might figure you’d have to carry these binos in a sealed and padded box. Not so. The Geovid Pro 32 is rugged. It is waterproof to 15 feet, so you don’t have to worry about it fogging up when the rain starts. It’s also got a 100-g impact rating, so it can survive the hard knocks of the toughest backcountry hunts.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m no tech wizard, but I do know a great binocular when I have it in hand. The Leica Geovid Pro 32 is one great hunting optic. Whether you take advantage of all of its features or just a few of them, it’s an excellent choice for any hunting adventure. Learn more at


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