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Seventy-five Years of Fine Shotguns

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Fausti Arms celebrates three-quarters of a century helping shooters experience the joy of owning a high-quality double gun.

In 1948 in Val Trompia, Italy, the country’s postwar industrial recovery was ramping up. Many new businesses were starting in this region, which would soon become world-famous as the home of some of the world’s leading gun manufacturers. One of these startups was a workshop run by Stefano Fausti that specialized in making double-barrel shotguns. The shop was a small one at first, relying on the handwork of a few skilled craftsmen. It grew quickly, however, partly as a result of Stefano’s love for fine shotguns as well as his tenacity and business sense, and partly because Fausti shotguns quickly developed a passionate following by hunters and shooters worldwide who recognized their quality, practicality, and beauty.

Stefano Fausti passed away in 2019 at the ripe old age of ninety—but he left his thriving company in the capable hands of a second and third generation of Faustis who are equally passionate about fine shotguns. In the 1990s, his daughters Elena, Giovanna, and Barbara took over operations of the company and energized it with their youthful enthusiasm, and in 2018, when a third generation joined the family business, the company reorganized around a Steering Committee that has defined a clear path forward and remains committed to quality and innovation. 

Today, the family-owned company is headquartered in Marcheno, Val Trompia, in the province of Brescia. It employs some forty people and manufactures its shotguns with a fleet of high-precision CNC machines, advanced production processes, and an innovative quality-control system that ensures Fausti guns are top of the line. The company produces between 4,500 and 5,000 over-and-under and side-by-side guns annually in different models and finish levels. In 2009, Fausti expanded its footprint in North America when it opened its Fausti USA headquarters in Fredericksburg, Virginia, with exhibition space, sales offices, and a warehouse. 

Fausti’s philosophy is that owning a fine shotgun should not just be a luxury for the fortunate few—it should be possible for everyone. This is the premise behind its two product lines: Core and Boutique, which ensures that there is a Fausti shotgun that is right for every shooter. The entry-level Core line is characterized by simplicity, but makes no sacrifices when it comes to quality and reliability. The Boutique line features premium finishes, engravings, and high-grade wood to satisfy the most demanding aesthetic tastes. Both lines reflect the company’s commitment to the serious and knowledgeable shooter who wants a technically advanced shotgun that will perform flawlessly in the field, while still incorporating classic style and beauty. Reflecting this focus, Fausti launched a rebranding during the Covid years, updating its logo to a more modern look that still retains a nod to tradition and its hunting-centric customer base in the way it calls to mind the shape of a deer’s antler.

Double shotgun enthusiasts understand that constructing these classic guns is a painstaking process that allows for no uncertainties. Fausti’s side-by-sides are built on a modified Anson & Deeley-style lock mechanism. Dating back to 1875, this system is simple, robust, and reliable. Both side-by-sides and over/unders feature a dedicated gauge receiver that encapsulates the action, which makes each shotgun elegant and balanced and improves ballistic performance.

Fausti’s over/unders feature an exclusive Four Locks system: four lugs that work together to create a rock-solid lock-up, allowing thousands of problem-free shots even with the most potent ammunition. A second pair of lugs inside the receiver’s sides support the usual lugs carved into the monobloc of the barrels, ensuring even lateral closure and a perfect mechanical seal. These shotguns are extremely durable and reliable, even when subjected to intense and prolonged use in shooting competitions or in high-volume hunting situations.

Behind every Fausti product is a thorough design phase: from the choice of materials to the study of shapes, from the internal ballistics of the barrels, drilled with the utmost attention to guarantee the best yield of shot patterns with any cartridge; from the choice of the best wood, to the careful definition of the moving parts for smooth and harmonious–but above all safe and consistent–functioning. Nothing is left to chance; Fausti’s shotgun development derives both from experience and from the continuous search for functional innovation.

Fausti’s advertising tag line is: “I’ll be your gun.” It’s a simple but powerful sentiment that rings true for any upland hunter who views his or her shotgun not just as a tool, but as a trusted and treasured companion worthy of creating a lifetime of memories in the field. It’s an appropriate expression of the connection that can form between a hunter and a shotgun—a connection well understood by a family who has created fine double guns for three generations.


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