A Solid Rest

Stukeys Shooting Bench is sturdier than most other portable benches.

And, it’s sturdier than most permanent benches as well!

All About Himalayan Tahr

This magnificently maned goat is one of the world’s top mountain hunts.

What they lack in horn, they more than make up for in hair.

An Easy Ibex

Is there such a thing?

Yes, but you need to choose your hunt carefully.


A tough hunt for interior grizzlies on Alaska’s North Slope.

Big bruins roam this far northern wilderness.

Backcountry Necessities

When hunting in a wilderness setting, it pays to be prepared.

Don’t head afield without these crucial items.

Getting Your Goat

Rocky Mountain goats are magnificent animals.

They’re also one of the most challenging species to hunt in North America.

How Much Does A Safari Cost?

An African safari is more affordable than you think.

With some careful planning and saving, the cost of a plains-game safari in southern Africa is within reach even for people with average incomes.

Hunting Rifle Prep

Getting your rifle ready for a hunt means putting in some quality range time and checking for functionality as well as accuracy.

Over the years I have hunted with a wide assortment of rifles, and I’ve seen all kinds of bizarre problems pop up. Most are fixable, but the most important thing is you need time to fix them.