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Research & Permissions

Sports Afield is more than 120 years old and we receive frequent requests for research of old articles. We also get many requests for permission to use previous articles, photos, or covers. Please read this before contacting us about research or permission issues. Please understand we have to charge a fee for these services. We are a small company and do not have a large staff. We cannot possibly research the many requests we receive each month for free. If we do research for you, we have to take an experienced employee and ask them to stop their normal work and do an investigation. For this we charge a fee.

Article, Photos, Illustration Research:

If you want us to research a particular article or photo or illustration published in a Sports Afield issue, we can do so. If we find the particular article, photo, or illustration, we can make a Xerox copy and send it to you. Depending on the condition of the archive, we might be able to scan the item and e-mail it. Please understand that the more information you provide to us, the quicker we can find the item. A query such as “When was the article about the world record bass published?” will cause a lot more work than a request such as, “Can you please Xerox a copy of the May 1948 article on caribou hunting my E.M. Marshall.” The minimum charge is one hour. For rates see below under the heading “Rates.” Please understand that this fee is for research only; we do not guarantee that we will be able to find the article, and the fee does not grant you the right to reproduce any items found for commercial purposes.

Previously published Articles and Photo Usage:

We get many requests for the reuse of a previously published photo or article. Since WW II Sports Afield has had many different policies in regard to the ownership of articles and photos. Anything published before 1 January 2003 is generally hard to research, but in some cases it can be done. Researching who owns an article or photo/illustration takes a minimum of two hours and this is charged at the hourly research rate below. Please understand that this fee is for research only and this does not grant you the right to reproduce anything for commercial purposes. For articles written after 1 January 2003 by non-salaried writers, Sports Afield as a general rule only purchased the first rights to publish and we cannot grant permission for re-use; permission must be requested from the author.

Use of Sports Afield magazines in movies:

We get requests with some frequency to grant permission to use a copy of Sports Afield in a movie. We only grant permission for this type of usage if the movie is not anti-hunting, anti-firearms, or anti-fishing. Doing the research who owns the copyright to the photo or illustration on the cover will take us 2 hours. Please understand that this fee is for research only and this does not grant the right to reproduce the item found for commercial purposes.

Specific Releases Generated by the Requesting Party:

In some cases we are asked to sign specific releases for the use of a Sports Afield article, magazine, photo, or cover in another publication, on a web site, or in a movie. These requests must be reviewed by our lawyer. Currently our law firm charges $400.00 an hour and to review a release typically takes four hours. Should you wish us to sign a release, please send us a copy of the release and a check for $1,600 made out to Sports Afield.


The cost of finding an article or illustration or photo by our in house staff is $100 per hour with a minimum charge of one hour. It takes 5 to 7 working days to do this research. Please send a check (no credit cards) made payable to Sports Afield to the address below. If the research goes over the time period you have paid for we will stop and ask you for a second payment. We will not run up additional research hours without your authorization. Please understand that that our fees are for research only and they do not grant you the right to reproduce the item found for commercial purposes.

Please put your request in writing, enclose a check, and mail to:
Sports Afield
15621 Chemical Lane, Bldg A
Huntington Beach, CA 92649-1506, USA


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