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Measurers Wanted

Rowland Ward is looking for avid hunting enthusiasts to join its team of certified measurers.

There are hundreds of Rowland Ward measurers around the world.

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Record Book Q&A

Frequently asked questions about Rowland Ward’s recordkeeping system.

The single-horn standard, why not metric, and more.

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An Exceptional Eland

A Livingstone eland taken in Mozambique should shatter the world record.

The eland was taken with Kambako Safaris in the Nyasa Reserve.

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A Measured Approach

Rowland Ward partners with Northern Cape PH School to train measurers in South Africa.

Courses will help new professional hunters learn measuring skills.

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New Product Spotlight

Hornady Precision Hunter Ammo Hornady recently announced a new .300 Win. Mag. load in its Precision Hunter ammo line using a 178-grain ELD-X bullet. Accuracy and terminal performance are the cornerstones of the Precision Hunter factory loads. They use clean-burning propellants and are loaded to uniform capacity for consistent shot-to-shot results regardless of temperature. This attention […]

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Conservationists Should Support Trophy Hunting

Bans on trophy hunting are likely to increase the challenge of conserving the world’s biodiversity.

This is why 133 conservation researchers and practitioners signed a letter published in Science Magazine last week highlighting why the trophy hunting bans currently being debated around the world are ill-advised.

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