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A Measured Approach

Rowland Ward partners with Northern Cape PH School to train measurers in South Africa.

Courses will help new professional hunters learn measuring skills.

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New Product Spotlight

Leica Geovid This revolutionary new rangefinding binocular gives reliable, repeatable ballistic readings within fractions of a second out to 3,200 yards adjusted with its onboard atmospherics. This exceptional precision and performance, combined with a new, robust Bluetooth platform, is designed to give hunters and precision shooters confidence in any shooting conditions. The Geovid […]

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Conservationists Should Support Trophy Hunting

Bans on trophy hunting are likely to increase the challenge of conserving the world’s biodiversity.

This is why 133 conservation researchers and practitioners signed a letter published in Science Magazine last week highlighting why the trophy hunting bans currently being debated around the world are ill-advised.

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