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Boddington’s Adventures

Battle of the 6.5s

Which is better, the Creedmoor or the PRC?

It really depends on your hunting goals.

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Best Bets for Bushbuck

Where to hunt “Africa’s whitetail.”

The bushbuck is the most widespread of all the spiral-horned antelopes.

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Single-shots on Safari

Are they really a good idea?

Boddington says yes, with a few caveats.

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It’s All in the Curve

Tips for judging African plains game.

What to look for on impala, kob, lechwe, reedbuck, sable, and waterbuck.

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Cartridges for Sheep Hunting

The idea that sheep hunts require ultra-long-range cartridges is mostly myth.

Standard calibers work just fine.

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Back to Africa!

International travel is different, but still possible, in the age of COVID.

Prepare for delays, and learn to be flexible.

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Deer Cartridges

Thoughts on what works, what’s popular, and what’s trending.

Cartridge choices of Kansas deer hunters run from the new to the old.

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Brave New Cartridges

Some of the cartridges developed in recent times are great.

But many are simply redundant.

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Postgraduate Glassing

Hunting Coues deer in the desert Southwest tests your glassing skills to the limit.

This is a hunt where 10X is not enough!

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The 6.5mm Sweet Spot

When choosing a cartridge in the 6.5mm family, velocity matters, but so does energy.

A few of these cartridges hit the “sweet spot” for hunting big game.

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The Intriguing Hartebeest

Hartebeest are one of Africa’s most interesting antelopes.

They are also among the continent’s most widespread plains game.

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Getting Your Goat

Rocky Mountain goats are magnificent animals.

They’re also one of the most challenging species to hunt in North America.

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