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Boddington’s Adventures

One Ton of Black Fury

Does a Cape buffalo really weigh 2,000 pounds?
Most don’t, but a few may.

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The Deer of Summer

The axis is said to be the most beautiful deer in the world.
It is also among the most tasty.

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Caribou Crisis

Until recently, caribou hunts were widely available and inexpensive.
That has all changed.

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Buffalo and Black Marlin

A magnificent big-game cast-and-blast adventure in Mozambique.

Boddington boats his first marlin!

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Want to Hunt a Leopard?

These spotted cats are challenging, and there are no guarantees.
Leopards are the second-most affordable of the Big Five.

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Minimum Calibers for Buffalo

It’s .375, right? Actually, it’s not that simple.
There are several other options.

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All About Himalayan Tahr

This magnificently maned goat is one of the world’s top mountain hunts.

What they lack in horn, they more than make up for in hair.

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The North American 29

Or are there actually 40 species of big game on our continent?
It all depends on which list you use.

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Want to Hunt a Red Stag?

The magnificent red deer can be hunted in many parts of the world.
The experience is always a grand one.

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Safari Rifle Trends

Hunters’ choices in rifles and equipment for Africa are changing.

Faster, flatter rifles and more camp guns are among the trends.

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Best Bets for Buffalo

Choosing the right destination for your Cape buffalo hunt.

Most hunters who dream of Africa want to hunt buffalo.

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Best Places to Hunt Kudu

The “gray ghost” is one of Africa’s most widespread antelope species.

But some regions are better than others.

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