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Coues Deer Time

Got the winter doldrums?
A Coues deer hunt in Mexico is the perfect cure.

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All About the Impala

Impalas are one of Africa’s classic antelope species.
They are also among the most difficult game animals to stalk.

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Lumpers and Splitters

Two schools of thought in the world of taxonomy (and record books).
The number of subspecies of a given animal depends on which source you believe.

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No Guarantees

On a real hunt, the outcome is never assured.
That’s why it’s called hunting.

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Not Just Black and White

Africa has several types of zebras.
And they’re all of a slightly different stripe.

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The Not-so-Common Eland

This huge African antelope is challenging to hunt…
…and fantastic on the dinner table.

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First Deer of the Year

California’s Central Coast has some of the earliest deer hunting in the country.
Deer season in August?

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Giant Rats

Capybara, agouti, and paca are unusual trophies.
They are also excellent table fare.

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One Ton of Black Fury

Does a Cape buffalo really weigh 2,000 pounds?
Most don’t, but a few may.

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The Deer of Summer

The axis is said to be the most beautiful deer in the world.
It is also among the most tasty.

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Caribou Crisis

Until recently, caribou hunts were widely available and inexpensive.
That has all changed.

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Buffalo and Black Marlin

A magnificent big-game cast-and-blast adventure in Mozambique.

Boddington boats his first marlin!

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