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Safari Rifle Trends

Hunters’ choices in rifles and equipment for Africa are changing.

Faster, flatter rifles and more camp guns are among the trends.

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Best Bets for Buffalo

Choosing the right destination for your Cape buffalo hunt.

Most hunters who dream of Africa want to hunt buffalo.

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Best Places to Hunt Kudu

The “gray ghost” is one of Africa’s most widespread antelope species.

But some regions are better than others.

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Hunting the Waterbuck

Where to find “the most ruggedly handsome animal in Africa.”

Waterbuck are also surprisingly good table fare.

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An Easy Ibex

Is there such a thing?

Yes, but you need to choose your hunt carefully.

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The Right Month for Muskox

On a muskox hunt, you have many options for timing.

Keep the weather, and the daylight, in mind.

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Big Warthogs

Warthogs are common, but big ones aren’t easy to find.

Mozambique may be among the best spots to find one.

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Shots at Spots

How to make sure your leopard is “dead under the tree.”

Larger calibers are not always the answer.

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The Right Sights for Buffalo

What’s best for buffalo hunting: open sights, red dots, or scopes?

Boddington’s choice may surprise you.

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It’s a Roan!

Africa’s second-largest antelope often takes hunters by surprise.

When it appears, be ready.

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The Hippo as a Game Animal

Catch him on land, and this member of the Dangerous Seven is a worthy adversary,

Hippos are common in and along many African waterways.

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Who Gnu?

All about hunting the various types of wildebeest.

These animals have interesting horns and excellent meat.

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