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Big Bores, Bears, and Buffalo

Try out a variety of dangerous game rifles and learn how to stop a charge at this unique shooting clinic.

All I could see of the large Cape buffalo was its face, horns, and chest as it started toward me from the edge of the trees, coming at a steady clip.

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Shootin’ Irons

Iron sights are still useful in some hunting situations.

I’ve written about iron sights before. It seems me that, in these days of almost universal scope use, shooting with iron sights is almost a lost art. This is regrettable for two reasons.

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Five Secrets to Successful Glassing

The very best binoculars won’t help you unless you know how to use them correctly.

We were very early in an Alaskan bear hunt. The area was good and the weather forecast was favorable. We had time, so we had no reason to be in a hurry.

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Hunting Rifle Prep

Getting your rifle ready for a hunt means putting in some quality range time and checking for functionality as well as accuracy.

Over the years I have hunted with a wide assortment of rifles, and I’ve seen all kinds of bizarre problems pop up. Most are fixable, but the most important thing is you need time to fix them.

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Savage Lady Hunter

A new rifle engineered for the serious female hunter.

With the introduction of the new Model 11/111 Lady Hunter, Savage Arms is one of the first rifle manufacturers to design a rifle specifically for women.

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A Ram in Pronghorn Country

The new Ram Outdoorsman is designed to be the ultimate hunting truck. We put it to the test in the New Mexico backcountry.

The parade of five Ram trucks rolled through a ranch gate. On the horizon sprouted a collection of white canvas tipis—an incongruous counterpart to the queue of spotless new four-wheel-drive ….

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Handgunning for Hogs

Hunting with large-caliber revolvers adds a new level of challenge to a southern California pig hunt.

Smith & Wesson revolvers equipped with Trijicon RMR sights proved a fine combination for wild pigs on this hunt at Tejon Ranch.

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A Point of Light

Hunting Cape buffalo with an Aimpoint sight

Consider the Cape buffalo. Humped with muscle at the shoulder and neck, black like a pirate, stump-legged and bellicose, he stands immobile sniffing the air. His upper lip curls back to reveal a toothless sneer, only pink gum showing

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New Life for the Lever Gun

Now more than ever, lever-action rifles are a great choice for big-game hunting.

Like a lot of kids, I grew up in the Northwest during a time when blue jeans were not a fashion statement and most everyone got a haircut once a week.

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Travels with Optics

Optics aren’t just an adjunct to a hunt, they’re an amplifier, increasing your visual pleasure, providing more information, and saving time and steps.

Naturally, you’ll need a binocular for your hunt. But when you travel, don’t pack your glass in your checked luggage. First, you don’t want to risk having an expensive set of optics lifted by a sticky-fingered baggage handler.

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