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Sustainable Hunting: A Crucial Conservation Tool

Hunting makes critical contributions to the future of wildlife populations around the world.

“Sustainable hunting will continue to be a major conservation tool in the 21st century. It conserves wildlife populations and biodiversity in general, whereas hunting bans can speed up extinction,”

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Women Outpace Men as New Hunters

Women are the fastest-growing demographic in the hunting world

More women than men took up hunting last year, according to new data from the National Sporting Goods Association. While total hunters in the USA decreased slightly (.05 percent) between 2008 and 2009, the number of female hunters increased by 5.4 percent, netting 163,000 new participants.

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Hunters and Grizzlies

Are Yellowstone-area bears really more dangerous?

As hunter-grizzly conflicts increase in the Northern Rockies, one name keeps appearing in the accounts of run-ins, charges and maulings: Yellowstone.

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Ranching for Restoration

Hunting Super Exotics Conserves Rare Big Game

If the last Eld’s deer disappears from the forest, will anyone notice?
The answer, as is so often the case, is this: Hunters will. And they’ll do something about it.

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Support Your Local Shooters

SST provides much-needed funds to school shooting teams.

Shooting teams at high schools, colleges, and universities provide great opportunities for students to develop confidence, shooting skills, and learn discipline and leadership. Unfortunately, more and more schools are running into funding problems and often, shooting teams are among the first things to be cut.

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Giant Sable Restoration in Angola

New hope for a magnificent African antelope.

When a giant sable, an African antelope native to Angola and once feared to be extinct, was photographed with a trail camera in a forest reserve in this civil-war-ravaged country in 2004, it excited the interest of the hunting and conservation community.

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The Future of African Hunting

Presentation to the World Forum on the Future of Sport Shooting Activities, Nuremberg, Germany, 8 March 2007

Did you know that without hunters, African animals like the black wildebeest and the white rhino probably would not exist today?

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Rhino Conservation Isn’t Just About Rhinos

Stopping poaching in some of the world’s most dangerous hunting grounds.

“It’s God’s job to judge poachers. It’s our job to arrange the meeting.”

That’s what a South African game ranger told me in June as we followed rhino tracks—and boot tracks—through a remote area of Kruger National Park.

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Partners in Conservation!

Sports Afield’s partnership with Dallas Safari Club benefits conservation and hunting worldwide.

Wildlife conservation, education, and ethical hunting all benefit from a strong partnership between Sports Afield, the premier big game hunting adventure magazine, and Dallas Safari Club, a premier international hunting organization.

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