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Helping People, Helping Wildlife

The Rowland Ward Foundation conserves wildlife by helping people.
When communities that live with wildlife benefit from it, they help protect it.

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United Against Canned Lion Shooting

Rowland Ward joins several conservation groups in taking a stand.

This controversial practice has no conservation benefit.

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Out of the Mists of Time

Rowland Ward re-measures two century-old heads for the record book.

The results prove the integrity of the measuring system.

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The Sports Afield Mystery Ram

No one knows who shot this incredible bighorn.

It may be one of the largest on record.

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Measurers Wanted

Rowland Ward is looking for avid hunting enthusiasts to join its team of certified measurers.

There are hundreds of Rowland Ward measurers around the world.

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Tropical Titan

A South American whitetail shatters the world record.

The huge deer was taken in Venezuela.

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Record Book Q&A

Frequently asked questions about Rowland Ward’s recordkeeping system.

The single-horn standard, why not metric, and more.

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An Exceptional Eland

A Livingstone eland taken in Mozambique should shatter the world record.

The eland was taken with Kambako Safaris in the Nyasa Reserve.

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A Measured Approach

Rowland Ward partners with Northern Cape PH School to train measurers in South Africa.

Courses will help new professional hunters learn measuring skills.

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Rowland Ward Records of Big Game, 30th Edition

The new record book features several new world records.

Maps, photos, and long-lost trophies round out this new edition.

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The Tale of the Tacoma Bighorn

A long-lost sheep head may be the real world record.

No one knows the exact measurements of the huge Tacoma bighorn.

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Anti-Poaching Pays Off in Mozambique

An up-close look at one safari company’s efforts to deter poachers.

A Rowland Ward-sponsored snare-finding contest results in the removal of dozens of poachers’ traps.

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