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The Moose Mecca

A fly-in wilderness hunt with his father sparks great memories.
An adventure in a remote region of British Columbia.

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Caribou of the Colville Country

A challenging hunt in one of the most remote places on Earth.
Traveling and hunting in this country is no easy feat.

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Paradise on the Pampas

A combo hunt for birds and big game in Argentina.
An abundance of red stags and doves makes this a hunter’s heaven.

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Marble Mines and Mountain Zebras

In pursuit of a striped stallion in the rocky highlands of the Namib Desert. At the farthest edge of the Namib Desert is a land that seems caught in a different time. Game roams free. Water is scarce. In this forsaken place, some of the first Bushmen, Ovambo, Kavango, Wambu, and Herero peoples left their […]

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Happiness in the High Pamirs

A hunter celebrates his birthday with a very special ibex hunt.
His experience is enriched by the vibrant culture of a high mountain village.

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Birds of the Borderlands

Hunting the little-known Gould’s turkey in northern Mexico.
It’s one of the most beautiful of all turkey subspecies.

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The Toughest Bird

Which upland game bird is the most challenging to hunt… and to hit?
There are many contenders, but one bird stands out.

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The Magnificent Mountain Caribou

Head to the high country for these big-antlered bulls.
Here’s everything you need to know about hunting them.

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Big Bend Barbary Rams

Hunting the “poor man’s desert sheep” in West Texas.
An unusually rainy week makes for tough hunting.

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In a While, Crocodile

The world’s crocodilians have always been a source of fascination and fear.

They inhabit the worlds deepest, darkest, muddiest places.

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