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The Green Hills of Molokai

Hunting axis deer in the Hawaiian Islands.

The perfect destination for a hunting/vacation combo!

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Masailand Safari

A COVID-era adventure in Tanzania.

Traveling hunters are crucial to international conservation.

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Going Coastal

Face to face with black bear on the West Coast’s largest island.

On Vancouver Island, the bruins get big.

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High Country Mule Deer

The biggest bucks live in the highest, loneliest places.

Mountain mule deer hunting is tough, but worthwhile.

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No Passport Required

Despite international travel restrictions, there are still lots of options for late-season hunts close to home.

Feral hogs and public-land birds are great options.

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The Wild Sheep of Asia

A primer on the most sought-after game animals of the world’s largest continent.

From argalis to mouflons, all wild sheep are impressive.

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Trouble No More

How international hunting is helping a young woman in Tajikistan build a better life.

Overcoming the odds to become a hunting guide in the high Pamirs.

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Kings of the Cape

Hunting roan and sable in South Africa’s Eastern Cape.

A grand safari adventure with the new Benelli Lupo rifle.

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Boddington’s Adventures

Turkey Time

Hunting turkeys is a magical experience, whether close to home or in a far-flung destination.

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Skookum Rams of the Brooks Range

A backpack hunt in a remote region of Alaska.
A land where most wild sheep have never even seen a human.

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