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How to bring your hunting rifle into South Africa

Bringing a rifle into South Africa for your safari hunt doesn’t have to be difficult.

Bringing hunting firearms into South Africa is relatively easy, but you do need to be prepared before you arrive or you face a long wait.

Make absolutely sure you have the following documents in hand when you arrive (and copies of each just in case): Passport; return tickets to your country

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Four Tips from Tanzania

When I returned from a seven-day buffalo safari in Tanzania last September, friends who were planning their own safari asked what I’d learned on the trip. Here are a few of the tips I shared with them.

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Heading for Africa

Preparing for a safari is almost as much fun as the trip itself.

The anticipation has been building for months, and at last the day is almost here. I’m getting ready to leave for a safari in Namibia, via a flight to Washington, DC, where I’ll connect with South African Airways to Johannesburg, and then on to Windhoek.

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Preparing for an International Hunt

A successful hunt begins well before you take that first step out of a vehicle, lodge, tent, or your back door. It pays to plan ahead, and this goes double when you are heading out of the country.

Keith Atcheson with a Botswana elephant.

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Super-Safe Travel with Firearms

Tips and tricks to ensure your hunting guns arrive when you do.

To my knowledge, firearms have not been used in the hijacking of an airliner in decades Sportsmen’s firearms checked as legal baggage have not been involved in any airline hijackings since—well, ever.

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You can do this! How to afford your dream hunt

It just takes some planning.

You’ve been dreaming about doing a big hunt–a trip to Alaska, your first African safari–but pesky necessities like mortgage payments and utility bills keep getting in the way. Despite the rising cost of guided hunts today, determined hunters

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Book ‘Em!

What you should know about hunt booking agents

If you want to hunt in an unfamiliar destination but aren’t sure where to begin or how to choose a reputable outfitter, start by contacting a hunt booking agent. The best way to ensure you’re working with a trustworthy one is to make sure he or she is a full-time agent with at least five years

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Guiding Lights

How do you know if the guide who takes you on your dream hunt is any good?

Have you ever been on an outfitted hunt where you suspected your guide had been the cook or maybe the wrangler the day before you showed up? Well, perhaps he had.

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Cape Buffalo Targets

Life-size (and smaller) targets to help you get ready for your Cape buffalo safari.

If you’re planning to take on dangerous game in Africa, it’s very important to practice with your big-bore rifle under the most realistic conditions possible. With this life-size buffalo target, you can set up a training regimen that’s as realistic

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