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A Call for More Nuanced Dialogues on Trophy Hunting

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Scientists call on researchers to better define their terms and metrics in studies involving trophy hunting.

Six well-known wildlife scientists recently published a paper in The Journal of Wildlife Management calling on researchers to provide more details and better context when tacking the subject of trophy hunting. Concerned that many studies are being misunderstood or their conclusions misapplied, the authors of “A Call for More Nuanced Dialogues About Trophy Hunting,” propose that any discussions of trophy hunting include a definition of how the researchers use the term “trophy,” details of variables measured, and explanations of the scales applied.

The paper’s authors, Carl D. Mitchell, Vernon C. Bleich, R. Terry Bowyer, James R. Heffelfinger, Kelly M. Stewart, and Paula A. White, express concern that simplistic portrayals of trophy hunting present an incomplete picture and result in the absence of a balanced, objective approach to trophy hunting in some publications. “A more nuanced treatment of these issues is the first step in resolving some debates surrounding this controversial topic,” the authors note. Read the full text of the paper here:


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